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CALL THE STUDIO ON 01772 446226

Empower Your Future is all about helping disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the North West, by providing a safe space, activities and opportunities for growth and development. 

We will endeavour to increase their confidence and self worth. 

Do you know a child who is suffering with mental health issues, low self confidence or self-esteem?  Have other individuals been "pecking" at their head, telling them that they are no good and will not achieve anything in their lifetime?

Let us help them reach their full potential.  

We are planning various activities and sessions moving forward including coming into the studio here at BEAT 103, and learning about the media and radio profession, giving them something to aspire too, plus our directors have experience in other fields such as event organising, travel and they have also suffered from either mental health or adversity in the past and have overcome all the obstacles just as the children will do with our help!

Parents - Do you want to see what we are all about and how we can help or perhaps you want to be involved in coaching and developing our young children in the region? 

Here is an example session we can offer the young people of the North West who may be interested in Media & Radio.  Courses will last 6 weeks, and further courses will be announced covering all different fields including football and more! PLUS during ALL courses we will be offering, their will be constant support by one of our mentors as well as the opportunity to attend and share their experiences in our group sessions.  Also after the course, we encourage the children and parents to stay in touch as our support is ongoing.

  • Module 1 - Show our young that they are SAFE by talking in a small group with other children of their age bracket with one of our mentors and sharing their experiences, by talking with each other we can all learn to heal.  A problem shared is a problem solved!
  • Module 2 - Welcome to the studio of BEAT 103 and learn how the station works by visiting the studio.
  • Module 3 - Learn how to build your own radio programme with our mentors.
  • Module 4 - Co present your show with our station director LJ!
  • Module 5 - This week is all about the parents as we invite them in to see how their child is progressing with this course, also parents may also need to share their experiences over coffee and you are ALWAYS welcome!
  • Module 6 - After all your hard work, its time to host your OWN show, and you will receive a certificate on completion of the course to show any prospective employer how far you have come!

Our Website is now live please click the button below to go straight to it!


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