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Welcome to the Business Hour

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Here every Sunday between 9 am and 10am, we are here to help and guide you in the world of business!

Whether you are starting out or already established, we are sure we can help with tips and advice for all aspects of your business from marketing to development!

We do have our Facebook page and you are welcome to email us directly using the links above.

Let us give you more details about your presenters!

Maurice Adesina

Business owner and founder of Exceptional Coaching & Leadership Development that has been delivering coaching, mentoring and consulting to SMEs since 2014

Working as a Leadership Coach & Business Growth Mentor for CEOs, executives and business owners who want to maximise their own / team performance and increase productivity and profitability.

He also works with entrepreneurs and start-ups who need support and guidance in getting started.


• Worked as a business mentor for Boost Lancashire (2016 -2018)

• Currently work with East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce as a key business mentor for start-ups on the New Enterprise Allowance Scheme (NEA)

• An associate business consultant with Amazin’ Business Solutions (ABS) in Manchester – a social business enterprise organisation

• A former management and personal development tutor at various colleges in Lancashire

Educational Background

• A graduate of Coaches Training Institute (CTI), a leading and foremost, world-class organisation

• A post-graduate diploma in business management - Open University

• A certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming practitioner (NLP)

Sarah Williams

Sarah's background is very different to Maurice, however, she still does have a wealth of knowledge and business ideas to bring to you every Sunday!

Sarah has been self employed for nearly 20 years now, and previously ran a successful Cleaning Company, has been a freelance PA, worked in the travel sector for the last 18 years and also for the last 5 has run a very successful events company Fairydust Events. 

She has started her businesses from scratch and knows the hard work needed to make a business work.  The saying is very true you get out of it what you put into it!

Sarah left school aged 16 with her GCSE's and went straight into work.  Since then she has done some on line courses and recently did achieve a Dipolma for Event Management. 

She has hired (and had to fire!) staff in the past,  managed large and small events, dealt with all manner of issues regarding travel and the safety of her customers,  and has also taught individuals in the past in work settings. 


Sunday 19th September =   Relaxed Retirement Managing Director Parvesh Mistry

Working in the financial services, Parvesh will be telling us how he started his journey, obstacles he faced and how he overcome them, plus some very top secret tips!  Make sure you join us!

His Business Website: 


At the start ask anyone starting out and they will want to shout about what they do for as little cost as possible!

Of course, we all know FACEBOOK and it's well worth setting up your business page on there, don’t be shy, add your friends and family and ask for their support!

Other sites include:

• Linked In – ideal to get to know your local business network and meet other business owners.

• Twitter – we all know this but don’t forget your hashtags!

• Google my Business – invaluable and an excellent way of getting you on the search listings. Its FREE to have your account and you do have the option to pay for Google Ads (if you wanted to), but you can add posts, events, pics, offers and more. TIP.. Keep it relevant and up to date!

• Instagram – don’t forget pictures speak 1000 words!

• Mailchimp – An excellent tool for growing your customer database, ask people to register to your mailing list and you get a LOT of subscribers free before you start to pay a small monthly fee.

• Next Door – Great to connect with your neighbourhood you can do a post and choose your milage and neighbourhoods to connect with.

With the current situation, I would advise in thinking about a CARD machine, if you plan to be customer facing for your business and need to take payments.

There are a few to think about:

• Sum Up –  The actual card machine is a one of payment of approx.£15.

• Zettle

• Square

You can also try:

Starling Bank is all online and they are linked with Mastercard. They are free and do not take a percentage on card transactions.

Also, in time you may want to look at a card machine that can do receipts such as Worldpay. You can get these where the unit is free, and you only pay a transaction fee when you use it.

In the weeks coming up we will go into more details focusing on areas such as Marketing, Accounting, Networking (and we have news on this coming up) and lots more tips for you to grow your business! We will also be touching on on line training courses you can do to increase your knowledge of your chosen area.

Thanks for listening and we will see you all next week!

Maurice & Sarah